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[tron: legacy] Quorra
Film: TRON: Legacy (24)

Please do not hotlink or edit. Comments and credit are highly appreciated. Blu-ray screencaps thanks to homeofthenutty. :)

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Separated into two posts on my personal journal. Ideky. Got a few more of Rinz to make along with Tron himself from the flashbacks that I'll post together soonish (I hope) and then maybe move on to Clu. We'll see. Encouragement helps.

» Credit me please thanks.
» Comments are nice, but not necessary per se.
» Screencaps for the BluRay version of Tron: Legacy were found at homeofthenutty. All thanks go to them for awesome caps.
» Have fun~!

[80]Tron: Legacy—Rinzler

Rrright over here.

[48]Tron: Legacy—Rinzler

And over yonderrr, too.
Tron: Legacy and Sam, Tron
+ 40 Tron: Legacy icons featuring Alan Bradley & Sam Flynn, with an emphasis on Alan/Sam. Includes some art by dauntdraws and yanagoya, used with permission from both artists.


+ Take, have, enjoy!
+ Please credit dreamlittleyo
+ Please credit artists where relevant: yanagoya for icons 27-31, dauntdraws for icons 32-40

40 Tron Legacy icons: Alan Bradley/Sam Flynn (plus one Garrett+Bruce promo shot that snuck in)

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x AAA [ 3 ]
x Acid Black Cherry [ 8 ]
x Olivia [ 7 ]
x Vocaloid [ 6 ]
x Tron: Legacy [ 13 ]
x K-ON [ 6 ]
x Kyon [ 6 ] 
x Other [ 2 ]


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x [40] Tron Legacy (SPOILERS!)


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