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Tron Icons
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Icons from and inspired by "Tron"

Greetings, Program, and welcome to tron_icons.

This is a community for posting icons inspired by the Tron series; this includes the original 80s' movie, Tron 2.0, Tron Legacy, and all comics, games, and novels in between. We will also accept icons from an outside property with a distinctly 'Tron' theme, such as Space Paranoids from Kingdom Hearts and crossovers.

However, there are some subroutines which must be followed.

1) As already mentioned, all posts must include Tron-related content. Posts which do NOT include icons must be mod-approved, unless they are requests. See #3 for further detail.

2) Respect the tags system. Multiple tags will be deleted, and each character has an individual tag. If you have a request post, you must use the '!request' tag.

3) Requests must be reasonable. Programs may describe a set of icons they have been searching for, or ask for icons for a specific character. However, multiple request posts for the same item will be derezzed. If you are unsure whether or not there has been a prior request, search the tags.

4) This comm is rated PG-13. If you have icons which would require a higher 'rating', you must link outside the comm (ex; referencing your own journal). A warning for the material (ex; strong language) is also appreciated, but not required.

5) Credit your icons. Any Programs who take others' and attempt to pass them off as their own will be subject to termination.

6) These rules may be changed at any time, and the moderator(s) have final say on what is or is not acceptable. Situations may arise in which the moderating program takes action against a routine that has not been warned against.

Breaking of these rules will result in deresolution of the offending subroutine. Following these rules will result in a more perfect system.

End of line.

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